The IPUMS International Historical Geographic Information System (IHGIS) provides data tables from population and housing censuses as well as agricultural censuses from around the world, along with corresponding GIS boundary files.

The data in IHGIS were originally published by national statistical offices of the respective countries, primarily in PDF documents. Data tables in these documents vary greatly in structure and are not easy to import into statistical or other analysis software. IHGIS extracts the data from the documents and provides them in a standardized, machine-readable structure.

Through the IHGIS Data Finder, users may select and download data tables from one or more census datasets, potentially covering multiple countries, years, or census types.

Shapefiles representing the units described in the tables are available for download on our Geography & GIS page. (In a future version of IHGIS, these files will be available directly through the Data Finder.) Data tables downloaded from the Data Finder may be joined to these shapefiles using the GISJOIN field in both files.

IHGIS does not provide tools for data analysis, mapping, or reporting. Rather, IHGIS supplies data files designed for use in spreadsheet applications (e.g., Microsoft Excel), statistical software (e.g., R, Stata, SPSS, SAS), or GIS applications (e.g., Esri ArcGIS, QGIS).

IHGIS is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation with additional support from the Institute for Social Research and Data Innovation.

Datasets available in IHGIS

Population Censuses
Albania 2001
Population and Housing Census 2001
Algeria 1998
Population and Housing Census 1998
Belgium 1991
General Census of Population and Housing on March 1, 1991
Hungary 2011
2011 Census Preliminary Data
Kazakhstan 2009
Results of the 2009 National Population Census of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Mozambique 2007
III General Census of Population and Housing
Niger 2001
3rd General Census of Population and Housing - 2001
Poland 2011
Results Report: National Population and Housing Census 2011
Sri Lanka 2001
Census of Population and Housing 2001
[data n/a for 7 of the 25 districts due to incomplete enumeration]
Agricultural Censuses
Albania 2012
Preliminary Results of Agriculture Census, 2012
Finland 2010
Agricultural Census 2010
Togo 2012
National Census of Agriculture 2011-2014
Uganda 2002
Report on the Agricultural Module, Piggy-backed onto the Population and Housing Census (PHC), 2002