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Dataset Dataset type # Tables Geographic levels
[# units]
Census date
Albania 2001 Population Census 78 Prefecture [36] 01-04-2001
Albania 2012 Agricultural Census 5 Prefecture [12] 01-10-2012
Algeria 1998 Population Census 7 Wilaya [48] 24-06-1998
Belgium 1991 Population Census 4 Region [3] 01-03-1991
China 1997 Agricultural Census 10 Part [3] Varies
Cook Islands 2011 Agricultural Census 73 Island group [3]
Island/District [26]
Cook Islands 2011 Population Census 104 Island group [3]
Island/District [26]
Estonia 2011 Population Census 10 County [15]
Municipality [226]
Finland 2010 Agricultural Census 12 Region [16] Varies
Hungary 2011 Population Census 12 Region [7]
County [20]
Kazakhstan 2009 Population Census 6 Region/Oblast [16] 25-02-2009
Latvia 2011 Population Census 19 Region [6]
County [119]
Parish/Town [564]
Madagascar 2005 Agricultural Census 141 Province [6]
Region [22]
District [105]
July 2004 to June 2005
Mozambique 2007 Population Census 5 Region [11] 01-08-2007
Namibia 2001 Population Census 37 Region [13] 28-08-2001
Niger 2001 Population Census 28 Region [8] 20-05-2001
Poland 2011 Population Census 18 Voivodeship [16] 31-03-2011
Sri Lanka 2001 Population Census 15 District [18] 17-07-2001
Togo 2012 Agricultural Census 53 Region [5] 2011-12 crop year
Tonga 2001 Agricultural Census 88 Division [5]
District [23]
Tunisia 2004 Population Census 70 Governorate [24] 28-04-2004
Uganda 1991 Agricultural Census 181 District [33, 6 not enumerated] March 1990 to April 1991
Uganda 2002 Combined Population and Agricultural Census 27 Region [4]
District [56]
United Arab Emirates 2005 Population Census 21 Emirate [7] 06-12-2005
Vanuatu 2007 Agricultural Census 116 Province [6]
Island [18]
Zambia 1990-1992 Agricultural Census 151 Province [9]
District [57]


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Albania 2001: Usual residents

Albania 2012: All agricultural holdings in the country

Algeria 1998: All natural persons resident in the national territory on the reference date, except foreign persons covered by diplomatic or consular immunity

Belgium 1991: Persons recorded in the National Register (population register and register of foreigners)

China 1997: All agricultural holdings in rural areas

Cook Islands 2011 (ag): Households engaged in agriculture and/or fishing and commercial agricultural enterprises

Cook Islands 2011 (pop): All persons alive at midnight on Census Night within the geographical boundaries of the Cook Islands, excluding those persons on foreign vessles, yachts and aircraft flying through or stopping temporarily

Estonia 2011: Permanent residents, including military and naval personnel, diplomatic staff and members of their families, and those who work in another country but who spend most of their non-working time in Estonia

Finland 2010: Farms in the 2009 Farm Register; horticultural enterprises in the 2009 Horticultural Enterprise Register; and new applicants for farming subsidies in 2010

Hungary 2011: Resident population, excluding foreign military, naval and diplomatic personnel and their families and civilian foreigners in the country temporarily

Kazakhstan 2009: People present at the census time

Latvia 2011: Permanent residents of Latvia

Madagascar 2005: Agricultural holdings in rural municipalities. Complete enumeration of modern farms and large farms. Sample survey of traditional farms. Traditional maritime and continental fisheries and aquaculture.

Mozambique 2007: All persons who spent census night in the country except diplomats in foreign embassies

Namibia 2001: All persons who were in the country during the census reference night

Niger 2001: [Not specified in the available documentation]

Poland 2011: Persons currently residing and registered for permanent residence or temporary residence more than 3 months

Sri Lanka 2001: Usual resident population in Western, Central, Southern, North Western, North Central, Uva, and Sabaragamuwa provinces and Ampara district in Eastern province. (Disturbed conditions in Northern and the remainder of Eastern province prevented complete enumeration. Data include some estimates for these districts based on incomplete enumeration and other information.)

Togo 2012: Agricultural holdings (synonymous with agricultural households) in rural enumeration areas

Tonga 2001: All households residing in Tonga during the enumeration period, plus 29 institutions

Tunisia 2004: [Not specified in the available documentation]

Uganda 1991: Smallholders and large scale institutional farms in rural areas. Six districts in the northeast part of the country (Gulu, Kitgum, Kotido, Kumi, Morotowere, and Soroti) were excluded due to insecure conditions. Complete enumeration of large scale and institutional farms in covered districts. Sample survey of small-scale holders.

Uganda 2002: All households engaged in agriculture. (Did not cover Private Large Scale and Institutional Farm Sector.)

United Arab Emirates: All persons (nationals and non-nationals) residing in the UAE as of census night

Vanuatu 2007: Households engaged in agricultural activities (sample survey)

Zambia 1990-1992: Part I: Agricultural households component of Census of Population and Housing. Complete enumeration of agricultural households. Part II: Sample survey of agricultural households in rural areas and Standard Enumeration Areas in urban areas that contained 20 or more agricultural households.

Variable Census Dates

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China 1997

Inventory: Day of enumeration, between 01-01-1997 and 31-01-1997
All other data: Calendar year 1996

Cook Islands 2011 (ag)

Enumeration was conducted between 01-12-2011 and early 2012 [date not specified in available documentation]
Labor inputs for holdings: During the month prior to the date of enumeration
Livestock kept: Date of enumeration
Loans: During the 5 years prior to the date of enumeration
All other data: During the 12 months prior to the date of enumeration

Finland 2010

Horses, pigs, and poultry: 01-04-2010
Cattle, sheep, and goats: 01-05-2010
Crops: harvested during 2010
Irrigation, other gainful activities, grazing land, and manure: calendar year 2010
Labor force: 01-09-2009 to 31-08-2010
Rural development characteristics: 2008, 2009, 2010

Tonga 2001

Enumeration period: 03-10-2001 and 15-12-2001
Tax allotment ownership, crops and trees grown by minor agricultural households, household membership and economic characteristics, livestock and poultry, agro-forestry, scattered/boundary crops/trees: Day of enumeration
Loans: Last 5 years
Selected economic and labor items: Week or month preceding enumeration
All other data: 01-10-2000 to 30-09-2001

Uganda 2002

Enumeration period: 13-09-2002 to 20-09-2002
Livestock: Day of enumeration
Poultry: Average per month in the previous 3 months
Crops: January to June 2002

Vanuatu 2007

Enumeration period: 21-08-2007 to 21-09-2007 (extended to 21-10-2007 for difficult to reach areas)
Crops/plants/trees currently growing and number of livestock: Day of enumeration
Value of products sold: Last sale
All other data: 01-06-2006 to 31-05-2007

Zambia 1990-1992

Data were gathered in three distinct enumeration periods:
    Agricultural questionnaire administered as part of Census of Population and Housing: August/September 1990, covering the 1989/90 agricultural season. (Part I)
    Pre-harvest survey: Dec. 1991 to Jan. 1992, covering the 1990/91 agricultural season. (Part II, Phase 1)
    Post-harvest survey: Oct. 1992 to Nov. 1992, covering the 1991/92 agricultural season. (Part II, Phase 2)
Each agricultural season spans 1 October of the first year to 30 September of the following year.
Inventories, economic activity, type of holding, demographic characteristics: Day of enumeration.
Crop production, livestock raising, chicken rearing: Agricultural season

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