Source Organizations

Published data tables were obtained from the organizations listed below. For the organizations providing microdata, which were then tabulated to create aggregate data tables, see IPUMS International's list of partners.

Albania Institute of Statistics (INSTAT)
Algeria National Office of Statistics
Angola National Institute of Statistics
Belgium Statbel
Belize Statistical Institute of Belize
China National Bureau of Statistics
Cook Islands Ministry of Agriculture
Statistics Office
Dominican Republic National Office of Statistics
Estonia Statistics Estonia
Finland Luke / Natural Resources Institute Finland
The Gambia Gambia Bureau of Statistics
Hungary Central Statistical Office
Japan Statistics Bureau of Japan
Kazakhstan Committee on Statistics
Latvia Central Statistical Bureau
Madagascar Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
Mozambique National Institute of Statistics
Namibia National Planning Commission
Niger National Institute of Statistics
Poland Central Statistical Office
Sri Lanka Department of Census and Statistics
Syria Central Bureau of Statistics
Togo Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing
National Institute of Statistics and Economic and Demographic Studies
Tonga Statistics Department
Tunisia National Institute of Statistics
Uganda Bureau of Statistics
United Arab Emirates Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre
Vanuatu National Statistics Office
Zambia Statistics Agency

Note: The agency names provided above are the current names (or English translations of current names). Agency names may have changed, and may therefore be different from the name listed on the published documents.