User's Guide (PDF)

IHGIS User Guide

This user's guide covers the entire process of selecting and downloading IHGIS data. It also describes the data and metadata files you will receive in your extract and explains how to link IHGIS data tables to GIS boundary files for mapping and spatial analysis.

Intro to IHGIS Webinar, Sept. 2022


Responses to questions asked during the webinar

Demo steps

Outline of the steps in the demonstration, including requesting and downloading data, working with data and metadata in R, and mapping data in QGIS

R project

The .zip file encompasses an R project, including the code, data, and "substitutions" file used in the demo. After unzipping the overall file, you will also need to unzip the extract file ( You should then be able to open the .Rproj file as a project in RStudio and run through the code.

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